Jerry Bellott earned his MSEE degree from Georgia Tech in 1980, where he was a Research Assistant in DSP processor architectures. He also has a BSEE from West Virginia University.


After working in the AT&T PC Development Department for three years until 1991, he worked in the Bell Labs Microelectronics Division DSP design center for 9 years, until 2000 where he contributed memory architectures and DSP chip design specifications in addition to designing evaluation circuit boards for the cellular DSP product line. He designed the first 2G cellular circuit reference design for a new DSP and cellular circuit chipset for GSM cell phones that was used in the design of the Motorola StarTac, the first truly compact flip-top lid cell phone. As an applications engineer, he worked with PALM on the design of the PALM VII which employed a Bell Labs DSP. The PALM VII was the first handheld wireless device with application icons. In 2004, he worked on the MathStar 64 core DSP project at Valley Technologies, Inc. in Tamaqua, PA. He has since worked for two engineering companies responsible for design of HD video equipment and signal processing hardware as a technical documentation writer. Since then, he has volunteered for the IEEE in numerous roles as a guest speaker on Product Development Methodologies, IT Equipment Product Development at the IEEE/ACM IT Professional Conference at the Trenton Fair, System on a Chip (SoC) and Parallel Processing Architectures, and System Design and Enterprise Quality Management, among other presentations.


He is current chair of the IEEE Princeton/Central Jersey Section Signal Processing Society Chapter. He is also a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Communications Society.