By J. Bellott, MSEE


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Christians not only have a spiritual relationship with God but also they consider Him to be their provider. Among other ways, God provides for our daily lives through creation to supply the raw materials humans use. In addition, blessings of wisdom help humans to use creation resources in our routine work and to create new things (see 1 Corinthians 12:4-11).


Consider God’s blessings for humanity as it pertains to His provision for us through the resources of the earth and the laws of science: Since the laws of science are unchanging, humans have been able to study and to master them. We can apply them in understandable, repeatable ways. This has enabled humans to utilize the natural resources of the earth to create the modern world.




Substation With Residential Voltage Step-Down



To the extent that humans use the resources of creation righteously, the modern world arriving today is of God. The author calls this phenomenon “Future Fit” – humans fit the intent of God’s Will by using resources righteously… and the future arrives.


“Future Fit” is a hopeful way to look at human progress as we use chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and other sciences righteously to make the world of the future. We need to be wise, though, and keep the basics of everyday life and time-honored traditions that are actually human needs proceeding ahead properly also, resisting change now and then if need be.


God created us to live in the past, present, and future. Thus, there is no gap in our intelligence needed for life in today’s modern world. We need only be wise people of faith.


The satellite photograph below shows plainly how far the United States has come in building power plants, electrical distribution, and lighting products in the past century blessed by wisdom provided by God.



Courtesy NASA

Satellite View of the US at Night