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Experienced analog and digital circuit designer, electrical wiring and cable solution designer, and EMI/EMC compliance test engineer. Have contributed innovative designs for microcontroller boards, PC motherboards, data network equipment, digital switches (for voice, data, and internet access), multi-core PCB designs, plus wireless products. Have designed and executed hardware, firmware, and software test plans and EMI/EMC test plans for equipment using PC’s, microcontroller and DSP circuit boards, networking features, analog I/O circuits, power supplies, and equipment shielded cables. Expert EMI/EMC test designer. MSEE Georgia Tech (1980), BSEE WVU (1979; cum laude). See also recent education section of resume. Awards for outstanding technical writing and team leadership at Bell Laboratories.



1979 - WVU Sr. project 1st liquid crystal photo camera lens aperture w/ auto exposure control for an SLR.


1984 - Designed CPU and memory for 1st X.25 access to 1st AT&T Accunet data network service.

1990 - Responsible for qualification of Intel DVI single board NTSC encoder/decoder for use in AT&T PCs, first 30fps full screen video capture & playback from hard disk or CD, AT&T early adopter. Used the AVI file format. Memory and circuit qualification engineer for AT&T PCs.

1991 - Architect first IT Networked MPU compiler/hardware development system. (Compile in office, download and debug in lab from office over network.) An AT&T Bell Labs product.

1993 - Designer 1st PCB w/ first MPU with on-chip Flash (AT&T Bell Labs' Micro); this ref. design used 2G chipset for compact cell phones (used by Motorola for 1st modern size flip-top lid handheld, 1st compact line with speakerphones). Designed cellular base station DSP demonstration board.

1998 - Chip detailed specifications for 2nd generation 2-way digital pager baseband processor, DSP1621

1999 - Applications Engineer for wireless baseband DSP used in PALM VII, first handheld internet enabled device with application Icons.

2000 - Contributed cache concept for StarCore memory architecture to Bell Labs design team in Allentown, PA.


2001 - Sr. Sys Engineer, co-designer 1st fiber-to-building ATM VDSL switch, 240 offices (internet, MPEG2 HDTV video, LAN access) for successful startup. Proposed use of Tut Systems VoIP FW in the ViaGate ETH DSL modem to Tut Systems, VoIP and VDSL innovator.


2004 - Co-designer 1st MathStar IC 1GHz, 64 core DSP cPCI board, 250MHz DDR2. For satellite DSP SW dev.


2009 - Tech Writer user manuals for video equipment (streaming video over LAN, microwave SD and HD video links) aided the initial sale of product prototypes to FBI, others.


2010-2020 - Start-up for IT, web services; now privately deliver leading edge talks to IEEE and ACM engineers & students. Talks on design and development, testing, project management, and latest tech for digital applications. Author six non-technical books on Amazon.



>Lead engineer responsible for designing processor and system chipset reference design and eval circuit boards at AT&T & Lucent Microelectronics’ Bell Labs. Achieved FCC, CE, and Northern European agency certifications. Consistently met schedules facilitating success of product introductions. I won awards for outstanding product development while at Bell Labs. More than 1.4 million circuit boards designed and developed were deployed in the field. Circuits were agency EMI/EMC test certified.

>Designed system, environmental, and EMI/EMC test plans for video recording equipment comprising multiple windows file servers, MPEG and audio encoders, and 1 Gbps Ethernet switches. Test team leader. Designed test configurations and interface circuits. Designed cable solution using more than 500 wires which worked immediately. My work helped DSPCon successfully deliver prototype unit on time. Promoted at DSPCon in 2007.

>See Design and Test articles on my website: 



>Development of products using circuits including: MCU’s (PIC, dsPIC, X51, X86, TI430), DSP’s, memory circuits (DDR, FLASH, SRAM), PLD’s. FPGA’s, ADC and DAC circuits, Filters, OpAmp, and Transistor circuits, sensors, relays, serial I/O circuits (e.g. LVDS, SPI, JTAG, I2C, others), parallel interfaces, telecom and networking interfaces, LCD and other display circuits, Liion, switching and regulated power supplies, and shielded cable solutions. MS Visual Studio C++ consoles, and MPU/DSP IDE’s. Cadence OrCad, PSPICE, programmable logic, and other design tools. DFSS, DFMECA process steps. More than one million circuit boards of my own design are deployed in the field.

>Testing of electrical and electronic circuits, power supplies, shielded cable solutions, microcontrollers, sensors, networking equipment, other embedded products. Experienced author of test plans including system hardware and software test plans, EMI/EMC, and environmental test plans. FCC, CE, Northern European, and other standards and procedures. Experienced test team leader.

>Experienced product design reviewer from both circuit function and EMI/EMC perspective, including planning of PCB analog and digital ground regions, equipment grounding solutions, and shielding. Experience with design mitigation based upon EMC screening results.

>Experienced test configuration and test procedure planner for EMI/EMC testing including conducted and radiated emissions and susceptibility. Experience planning DUT modes of operation for EMC test use, and designing software requirements for diagnostics to isolate problems/timestamp equipment failures during testing. Have selected test houses by comparing capabilities and prices.



Engineering Seminars and Book Authoring by Jerry Bellott (Formerly GTD; Somerville, NJ – 1/2/2010 to present)

Circuit Designer, Engineering Seminars, Book Author. Delivered leading edge technology talks to IEEE engineers, programmers, and college students. Each mini-seminar involved a research phase and preparation of drawings and PowerPoint slides. Prepared on-line resources for attendees. See


Created and delivered “Product Development Methodologies for Success!” which explains how methodologies using waterfall and Agile scheduling are followed as a means of ensuring that customer needs and expectations are met while ensuring that new products are finished on-time and in-budget. Created and delivered five other talks entitled "IC Architectures for Parallel Processing and Math Acceleration," “Product Development – IT Hardware and Software,” “System Design and Enterprise Quality Management,” “System Design Using DSP Processor Hardware,” and “Commercial Product Development - Signal Processing Systems.” The DSP talk provides an overview of DSP processor applications, the DSP/microcontroller IC marketplace, and chip architectures, and guidelines for circuit board design. Designed schematics for a DSP/microcontroller circuit board and used them as an example in talks. Demonstrated a compiler to illustrate IDE compiler concepts at Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Among other venues, gave talks on three occasions to the ACM (the Association for Computing Machinery) and the IEEE at the annual Computer Fair at TCNJ University. Also, the North Jersey IEEE Computer Chapter in Morristown, the Central NJ DSP Chapter in Bridgewater (multiple talks), and to students at DeVry University in East Brunswick. Also delivered talks at a joint IEEE North Jersey Section meeting at Fairleigh Dickinson University and at a Lehigh Valley PA Section meeting at Lehigh University, a WVU senior project class, a WVU graduate student forum, the Rockford Illinois IEEE Section, and at a Fort Wayne Indiana Section meeting on the Perdue University campus. Presenter at IEEE/ACM 2018 IT Pro Conference at TCNJ.


Author of six non-technical books. Received five-star reviews for books on-line. Researched background source material extensively, outlined text, wrote copy, had numerous people review the books, and performed final editing. Added original photography. Four have been released as paperbacks, and the other two titles were eBooks. Advertised with social media, on the internet, in the Star Ledger and other newspapers.


Integrated Microwave Technologies, Inc. (Hackettstown, NJ, 1/12/2009 to 11/5/2009)

Technical writer. Supported a sales bid for eight new compact radio and LAN products introduced the same month in mid 2009. Documentation helped the company win its first manufacturing contract for the new product line. Wrote user manuals, data sheets, and quick start guides and also edited engineering documentation to meet the schedule supporting the bid. Delivered more than 35 pieces of documentation on schedule while at the company.


Wrote user manuals for internet products used by law enforcement to monitor video shot by cameras from helicopters. Also microwave transmitter, receiver, and transceiver products. User manuals contained all information useful to help customers including installation, operating, and maintenance procedures, theory of operation, product specifications, firmware features, and circuit block diagrams. Described technical aspects of products, including streaming video using UDP/IP, LAN solutions, Web based GUI’s, XML configuration file options, video interfaces, MPEG2 and MPEG4 circuits, COFDM modulators/demodulators, multi-channel microwave transmitter frequencies, multi-antenna diversity microwave receivers, and maximal-ratio combining circuits. (COFDM is a technology used in 4G-LTE Advanced cellular systems.)


DSPCon, Inc. (Bridgewater, NJ, 11/2005 to 9/2008) 

Documentation Engineer responsible for designing test plans, field maintenance procedures, and writing white papers and contract fulfillment documentation about test and measurement products including data acquisition systems, radio receivers, and real-time application GUI’s. DSPCon makes data acquisition systems, software defined radio receivers, frequency spectrum analysis and scope software for the industrial test and measurement market. I was promoted in 2007 for outstanding accomplishments.


Designed system hardware, embedded firmware, and software test plans, EMI/EMC, temperature and humidity test plans (with traceability), for a system comprising multiple windows PC’s, gigabit Ethernet switches, SATA and fibre channel HD interfaces, audio I/O channels, multiple MPEG4 encoder/decoders, and other circuits. Identified video RT performance issue under system load during design review. Proposed design changes to product design staff to resolve issue. Extensive customer interactions during test plan review. Led test team to check the system features against requirements for early prototype. Designed test configurations, test circuits, multi-wire shielded cables (five were terminated on one end with a 100-pin plug), load and performance tests, remote control test software requirements, and test procedures. Evaluated and recommended third party test houses with proper EMC test chambers and measurement equipment. My work helped the company meet the customer’s needs on an aggressive schedule. 500+ wire test harness design worked immediately and was sold to the customer for their own cabling solution. 


Performed DFMECA analysis for products and co-authored system requirements for a data acquisition off-line tape storage system. Identified issues for developers to correct related to server availability schedule, which helped ensure delivery of quality product. Final analysis helped the customer understand how the back-up system architecture achieved quality and reliability goals. Contributed test cases using my math background for real-time data analysis application GUI with extensive DSP analysis and plotting capabilities (including flattop, hanning, and hamming displays, adjustable frequency scales, configurable magnitude displays (e.g. power levels, peak magnitude, waterfall displays showing changes over time, etc.). In addition, executed test cases for industrial test and measurement equipment features that provided automated signal level detection and alarm reporting. Designed test plan draft for radio receiver using software controlled mixer and software defined radio circuitry.


Documented customer API’s for a multi-channel software defined radio and file format specifications for digital data recorders and other systems. Created user manuals and other customer documentation for numerous products using FPGA, PCB, and software specs, OrCad schematics, and team interactions to draw source material. Maintenance manuals described field troubleshooting procedures for most probable failure modes. User manuals covered theory of operation, product features, installation, operating instructions, quick-start info, and maintenance procedures. Also GUI operation, software API’s, Windows configuration file formats, and other pertinent reference information. On-time delivery of 36 documents contributed strongly to new product intro success.


EXPRESS-TIMES INC. (Easton, PA 12/2004 to 11/2005)

Freelance Writer. Wrote articles for the Express-Times newspaper, Bethlehem PA edition, to keep area residents informed about nearby city actions. Covered municipal council, zoning, and planning board meetings, plus other civic events. Special article topics included debates about purchasing a new water system pump, participation with another city’s library, and land purchases next to a city park. Feature articles included expansion of the Hellertown PA city museum. Consistently met deadlines.


VALLEY TECHNOLOGIES (Tamaqua, PA 9/2004 to 12/2004)

Design engineering contractor. Designed 64-core MathStar DSP circuits for the VT4000 using Cadence OrCad. The VT4000 was MathStar’s main customer IC evaluation board for a two-year period during which they went public. The VT4000 is a 6U Compact PCI PCB. Designed DDR2 and PROM memory, JTAG interfaces, low voltage interfaces (LVDS plus LVTTL and LVCMOS), a Xilinx Development System Interface, and bypass capacitors. Wrote circuit board layout and manufacturing specifications for circuits.  The board was used to run video, medical imaging, and radio software.


FPC (Bethlehem, PA 2/2004 to 7/2004)

Secretary of publications responsible for writing ads, literature, and bulletins. (part-time while attending Lehigh University).




ViaGate Technologies, Inc. (Now part of Motorola Inc.; Bridgewater, NJ 2000 to 2001)

Senior Systems Engineer in the software group at successful start-up, ViaGate Technologies. My system requirements technical writing aided the sale of the company to Tut Systems in early 2001. Co-designed the "VG4032 2-Gbps broadband service node” broadband switch and authored system requirements. The switch uses Internet Protocols (IP over ATM), fiber optic interfaces (SONET OC-3 and OC-12) and VDSL (VDSL over ATM) for delivery of internet and MPEG2 video services to clients. The product was the first switch of its kind (fiber to the basement) to provide video, internet access, and remote Ethernet LAN access for up to 240 rooms.


Documented and contributed system requirements in technical areas including PowerPC based hardware, Unix multiprocessing software, ATM switching and networking features for delivery of MPEG2 digital video and LAN data, SONET fiber and VDSL interfaces with QoS prioritization, and system performance and reliability. Wrote software diagnostic requirements for power up self-test and  SNMP network management software. System incorporates industry standards, including TCP/IP protocols, IP over ATM, SONET, 802.3, Ethernet over ATM, MPEG2 transport, MPLS, and DSL Forum recommendations. Served as software MR change control manager.  Researched VoIP solutions for future system enhancement and wrote a feature description of VoIP solutions using Tut Systems VoIP firmware in ViaGate ViaWay Ethernet modems. ViaGate was purchased by Tut Systems in early 2000. Tut Systems is now part of Motorola. I received a bonus for my work on the project at ViaGate.


BELL LABORATORIES (AT&T and Lucent Technologies; 1981 to 2000)

Bell Labs Microelectronics Division (Now LSI, Inc.) (Allentown, PA 1991- 2000)

Responsible for designing and circuits and QA test software for the 2G (GSM) and 3G cell phone, cellular base station, and other wireless and DSP markets. Designed evaluation and demo circuit boards using chipsets for cell phones, base station, and other wireless products. Used PADs to capture schematics. Tested and achieved FCC and CE agency compliance approvals. Consistently delivered products on-schedule. I won an award for outstanding product development team leadership in this role. In an applications engineering role, provided customer technical support for 12 major industry accounts for processor PCB’s, compiler and hardware development software, and mixed signal and digital IC chipsets. Resolved field quality issues escalated to engineering. Created test bed to reproduce a mixed signal device malfunction. Identified root cause (ground noise causing period jitter in analog VCO portion of PLL) and proposed design changes to engineering staff. Received an award for outstanding customer support and technical writing in this role.


On another assignment, worked closely with a customer and wrote design specifications for a modified mixed signal baseband product for their application (custom ASIC interfaces for a 16-bit DSP) that resulted in a two-year design, two million dollar design and manufacturing contract for Lucent. Developed and taught a course on microprocessor I/O programming in Lucent’s “Microelectronics University” employee education program. Awards for outstanding product development, team leadership, and customer support/technical writing at Bell Labs.


Bell Labs PC Engineering and Networking Departments (Lincroft NJ, 1981 to 1991)

Specified and qualified OEM motherboards, disk drives, Intel “DVI” NTSC video encoder/decoders (the first single board video capture solution for PC’s), SVGA video circuits, motherboard diagnostic software, and other components. Wrote qualification test procedure documents defining acceptance test criteria for third party OEM products. Supported intro to manufacture of products. Achieved FCC and CE approval ratings for the AT&T 6300 WGS PC. The AT&T PC division was later sold to NCR.


Product developer of Definity PBX including CPU, T3, ISDN-PRI fiber, ISDN-BRI, and other interfaces. Achieved FCC, CE, northern European, UL, and other compliance standards approval for numerous products. Developed Intel X86 CPU circuits and diagnostic test software for use in the AT&T Accunet X.25 packet switched network. Worked closely with ATE engineers to develop factory tests.




MSEE, 1980 (Math minor - 3.4 GPA) Computer architecture and programming, DSP theory, switching power supplies, low noise transistor circuit design. Teaching assistant.RA, reconfigurable DSP multiprocessor project.



BSEE, 1979 - CUM LAUDE (3.5 GPA) Microcontroller design, programming, digital logic, Op Amp circuit design, Field Theory. Senior project: Liquid Crystal Aperture for photographic exposure control with auto exposure light meter.



Non-technical: Project Management, Business Cases, Leadership for Supervisors (100% score on final).

Technical: ATM, SONET, Tn/En trunks, SS7, ISDN-PRI fiber trunks and ISDN-BRI; UMTS, W-CDMA, CDMA, GSM Wireless Systems; Digital Signal Processing Theory, DSP Chip Architectures and Assembly Language Programming, DSP16XX, DSP16XXX, and StarCore DSP Programming (StarCore is currently made by Freescale); C, Unix, ARM embedded processors, VHDL.



LEHIGH UNIVERSITY (Bethlehem, PA - 2004)

Engineering C++ / MatLab course. MS Visual Studio C++ console applications. (Grade: A)


EE course “Data Networking and the Internet.” TCP/IP, Ethernet, protocols, ATM, wireless.



NEC code wiring of electrical equipment and other circuits. Technical project.



·        Rhode and Schwarz 5G Wireless Network Standards Tutorial (Bridgewater, NJ, Spring 2019)

·        IEEE Data Networking Automation Conference (Winter, 2019)

·        KeySight Systems (formerly Agilent) Microwave Measurement, millimeter wavelengths; Network Analysis and High Frequency Measurement Workshop (April 3, 2018, Bridgewater, NJ)

·        Renesas Synergy Programming for ARM CORTEX and Introduction to IBM Watson (Sept. 2017)

·        Rhode and Schwarz 4G LTE Wireless Test and Measurement Equipment Seminar (Fall 2014)

·        Xilinx System Gen Seminar (Spring 2011)

·        Mentor HyperLynx LineSim and BoardSim plus Xilinx Workshop (Warren, NJ, Feb. 2010)

·        Freescale Power PC Programming for Linux, CodeWarrior C++ Seminar (Horsham, PA 2007)

·        Windriver RTOS’s for Dual Core PowerPC 8641D Processor Seminar (Edison, NJ, May 2007)

·        Mathworks MatLab and Simulink Technical Seminar (Red Bank, NJ, 2006)



Enjoy video making, ultimate frisbee, cycling.

Past volunteer, Christian Rescue Mission

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