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Design Projects

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Design Projects

Partial List




GTD Industrial Control and Monitoring Circuit

MicroChip dsPIC33F128 User Interface Controls, Voice Prompts, Analog and Digital Sensing,
Serial Interface to Host Microcontroller




Valley Technologies VT-4000 64-Core MathStar DSP Compact PCI Circuit Board - Co-Designed by Jerry Bellott, MSEE

Board has DDR Memory, PMC Add-on Card Slot, Built-In Power Regulation, and Backplane Interface to Host




ViaGate VG4032 SONET Fiber to the Basement ATM Switch - Co-Designed by Jerry Bellott, MSEE, Senior Systems Engineer
Provided IP Video on Demand, Ethernet, and Internet Services To 240 Rooms

PowerPC Based CPU and Interface Boards

(See ViaGate VG4032 as IntelliPOP 8000” on buyer Tut Systems Inc. catalog page 5. Tut Systems was bought by Motorola, Inc.)




Lucent Microelectronics – DSP1621 Custom Chip Specifications by Jerry Bellott, MSEE

My Engineering Document Writing Resulted in Two Year Design and Manufacturing Contract

(Representative DSP16XX Series Silicon Shown)




DSPCon Windows File Server System - System Validation Test Plan Design and User Documentation

Ethernet File Server with Multiple Pentium CPU Boards, Fiber Channel Disk Interfaces,

MPEG 4 Video Encoders, and Audio Recording Channels.

Documentation writing facilitated on time delivery to customer. I was promoted for my work.

(Representative Diagram; Actual Product Not Shown)



Other products: Data Communication Network x86 based Facility Interface Processor, x86 PC Motherboard Products (OEM engineering role and co-designer), cellular handset and base station IC demo and evaluation circuit boards)





GTDigital Engineering Design Resource Documents

Technical Writing, Technology Overviews, and Project Document Outlines by Jerry Bellott, MSEE


Engineering Project Management and Project Milestones


GTDigital “Product Development Methodologies For Success!” Presentation


Design for Six Sigma Best Practices Tutorial

Products for Computing, Wireless, Telecommunications, Networking, and Other Applications


Cadence OrCad Schematic Capture (Intel 80251), PSpice and Mentor HyperLynx Overview


Industrial Control and Monitoring Circuit (MicroChip dsPIC33F128 MCU) Schematics and Block Diagram


The Freescale PowerPC 8313 RDB Board with Linux and CodeWarrior IDE


System Design Verification Testing

Unit, System, Integration/Regression Testing, EMI/EMC, Environmental


EMI/EMC Testing (FCC, CE, CSA etc.)