By Jerry Bellott 


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The_Arrival_Of_Spring (4 min)


Summer in the Rain (45 sec)


Fall Leaves In the Park (1:30 min)


Summer of 2020 Video (3:50 min)  - new

This video shows the splendor of summertime. It includes an off-road visit to a county park in the rain, beautiful shade trees, the resplendent bark of the Sycamore Tree, a visit to a mom and pop ice cream store for a snack, astonishing sunrises and sunsets, and more. Beautiful video to watch for fun and relaxation.






Somerset County 4H Fair (5:45 min)


Antique Auto Show (6 min)






The Schools of Somerset County New Jersey - new


Brown Street At Night (1:10 min)


The Colonial Park Rose Garden (4 min)


Melicks_Farmers Market (4 min)






Construction Project - The Foundation of a Large New Building (2:10 min)  - new


Old Red Mill Radio Museum (1:20 min)  - new


Intel 8080 CPU Board (1979) (1 min)


Trucks Video (1 min)  - new

Trucks are built for heavy loads with suspension springs and tires that can bear the weight of the truck and cargo. This video shows a tow truck winch, emergency lights, buckets for firefighting and telecommunication equipment installation, ruggedized frames, on-board electric generator for special applications, and storage compartments with easy access from truck side-panels. Trucks have high ground clearance used for their heavy loads.






Farm Countryside of the Allegheny Mountain Region (3:45 min)


Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey (2 min)


Historic Charleston South Carolina (3:30 min)


Old Red Mill - Clinton, NJ (1:55 min)  - new

Active until the 1940's. Re-outfitted for many products over the years, including flour and talc powder. The waterwheel shown is the third one used by the mill. Inside, shafts, gears, and pulleys powered grinders, conveyor belts, and turned millstones. Millstones have diagonal grooves on them that the milled grain came out from after being pulverized. A miller's office is on display as it appeared in days of old. The red mill is in Clinton, NJ on the south branch of the Raritan River beside a man-made waterfall.




Christian Faith


Division Street Christian Concert (4 min)


The Story of God and His People Sermon Series Whiteboard at Zarephath Church (2 min)


 “God’s Grace For Daily Living” – Book Photos to Music (4 min)





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